Frequently Asked Questions

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iList is a seller automated listing platform designed for agents and is powered by sellers.  It is a cradle to grave solution for agents to grow their listing business- new leads,  seller automation, marketing, and contract to close.   

Yes – iList is a nationwide platform that is open to all agents, team leads and brokers regardless of their affiliation. 

Yes and No –  iList was not designed as a CRM, however we brought in all of our favorite features from major CRM systems and made them more user friendly.  For example- our one click text, call, email with conversation tracking.  

Yes!! You get a custom Seller Focused Site branded to you.  With a Seller Focused site your engagement goes up 10x compared to traditional Real Estate Sites. 

Yes – just let us know what it is and our team will match up all of your MX records for you to make it fast and easy.

Seller leads are uploaded daily for you.  These leads include FSBO, FRBO, Expired, Canceled, and Pre-foreclosure leads.   These leads are complete with name, multiple contact #s and emails.  

Marketing Automation is the ability to send automated texts, emails, and voicemails to your selected leads. Agents can design their campaign, methods of outreach, and easily apply these to their leads.   

Yes, regardless of sellers or leads, iList tracks and maintains a history of all communication.  Plus it has communication alerts when leads or sellers respond.

Great question. In the leads section, we provide you with easy outreach tools such as Click to Text or Click to Call. You can call or text leads to drive them to your platform. 

You can also utilize our marketing add-on tools such as Map Your Sales. This allows you to automate your outreach to desired leads. Set it up and let it drive sellers to your platform. You can also add on social, PPC, and other marketing methods to attract sellers.

This is our favorite question because I can safely say this is way better.  Most seller marketing sites offer up basic valuations and or will collect seller info and the seller has to wait for an agent to reach out.   This causes sellers to bounce to other sites.

iList is powered with seller automation.  This allows you, the agent, to give the seller exactly what they want, while letting the seller progress as far as they want.   Your platform is capturing data from the seller ever step of the way and the seller is actually creating your custom agent console.   Also just for fun – your platform is loaded with leads and offers an easy to use but robust offer management platform.

Yes and they are amazing.

Yes! We have small local agents to larger teams across several markets. They can all be easily added and managed in one platform. 

iList allows you, the agent, sellers and buyers to interact quickly and easily. The best part is that all offers are tracked down to the minute. 

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Start your 14-Day Free Trial Now!

Start your 14-Day Free Trial Now!